Greeting Shooters!

I hope everyone has been able to stay cool and dry, depending on where you are! Here in SW Florida its
either hot, raining, or hot and raining.

The FTA is sponsoring a Summer League this year to coax you out of A/C and out to shoot! Please see
the included document for details. If you have any questions, please contact me at
or 321-501-7606. If anyone attending the Southern Zone, wants to register and use some of their singles
targets for the first week of league scores, get with me Saturday morning before shooting starts!

The Southern Zone Tournament is being held July 19 th – 21 st . Shooters from Alabama, Florida, Georgia,
Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Brazil will
have the opportunity to compete from three different sites: Silver Dollar Shooters Club, Coast Rifle and
Pistol Club, and Central Kentucky Gun Club. There will be trophies up for grabs at each individual site, as
well as zone wide ATA trophies and added money. Remember to stay hydrated!

I would like to personally thank everyone who made the trip to Jacksonville Clay Target Sports for the
Spring Championship! You all made it an incredibly successful tournament and if you didn’t make it, you
missed out on a great time. Congratulations to our three Champions: Dax DeMena, Matthew Debord,
and Jack Schumpert! Final scores are available at

Shoot straight!
Thomas Harrington
FTA President


2024 FTA Summer League:

This summer the Florida Trapshooters Association will be sponsoring a summer league in an effort to
inspire shooters to brave the heat and support our gun clubs! 100% of the registration fees will be
returned to shooters in the form of trophies/payouts. The format will be as follows:
 Each participating club will assign a “Shoot Manager/Managers” that will be responsible for
collecting the league registration fees and submitting the scores. Additionally, the score sheets
must be retained by the gun club so that they can be recalled in the event of ties or if posted
scores are called into question.
 Shooters must be a Florida resident for the 6 months preceding the league start date to
 Shooters can shoot their weekly targets at any participating Florida Gun Club. Consideration will
be taken into account if there is a non-FTA gun club that hosts a large group of FTA shooters.
Such considerations must be approved by the FTA Officers prior to the start of the League.
 The league will be “non-registered”, but we strongly encourage you to run it concurrently with
an ATA Big 50 or 100 target event. Clubs or shoot managers may contact the FTA Secretary to
set up shoot dates if they don’t currently have them. By doing this, non-ATA members will have
an opportunity to see what ATA/FTA shoots are about! ATA rules will preside so a minimum of
three shooters are required, and the use of a dedicated puller/scorer is mandatory per ATA
rules. Shooters must declare, prior to shooting, that they are shooting league scores.
 The league will consist of 400 singles targets shot across eight weeks. They must be shot ATA
style (25 targets per round, 5 targets per post, and 5 posts per field.)
 Target Setting: Targets must be set in accordance with ATA regulations.
 Costs: Each shooter will pay a one-time $25 registration fee at the beginning of the Summer
League. 100% of the registration fees that are collected will be returned to shooters in the form
of payouts/trophies. The weekly target cost will be set by the hosting gun club.
 Awards: The exact form of the trophies/payouts will be determined by the FTA Officers once we
know how many participants have entered. Ideally, we would like to award nice belt buckles or
do a “Lewis Class” payout within each class + Champion and Runner-Up.
 Payment of League Fees: The registration fees must be collected prior to a shooter shooting
their first league score. Fees should be mailed to the secretary using the provided form.
 Classification: A five-class system will be used (AA,A,B,C,D) and will be based on a shooter’s
previous 1000 ATA targets. In the event a shooter does not have an established ATA average,
their class will be calculated by adding their first four weeks scores together and taking the
 Shooters must register for the league by the end of the third week.

 Duration and Dates: The Duration of the league will be ten calendar weeks Beginning on July
15 th and concluding September 22 nd (8 league weeks and 2 weeks for makeups. This duration will
allow shooters who are attending The Grand American or who have prior engagements to
o Week 1 – July 15 th – July 21 st
o Week 2 – July 22 nd – July 28 th
o Week 3 – July 29 th – August 4 th
o Week 4 – August 5 th – August 11 th
o Week 5 – August 12 th – August 18 th
o Week 6 – August 19 th – August 25 th
o Week 7 – August 26 th – September 1 st
o Week 8 – September 2 nd – September 8 th
o Make-up Week 1 – September 8 th – September 15 th
o Make-up Week 2 – September 16th – September 22 nd
 Make-ups/Shooting Ahead: Shooters may elect to shoot ahead one week of league targets. If a
100 target ATA shoot is used to fulfill league scores, shooters may elect to use the first 50
targets for that week’s league and the second 50 may (but are not required) be used to “shoot
ahead” and count for the next weeks scores. Shooters should utilize the make-up weeks to fill in
missing scores. All targets must be shot by September 22 nd .
 Missing Scores: Any shooter who does not complete the league will not be eligible for
payouts/trophies and will enter a DNF.
 Score Submission: Scores will be submitted to using the provided score
submission form.
 Ties: Ties will be settled by a “Long Run” or a “Reverse Long Run. The method to be used will be
determined by flipping a coin. Heads will represent “Long Run” and tails will represent “Reverse
Long Run”. If “long Run” is used, the shooter with the longest consecutive number of dead
targets (from the first target shot week one) will be the winner. If “Reverse Long Run” is used,
the shooter with the longest consecutive number of dead targets (counting backwards from the
last target shot week eight) will be the winner.
Any questions/concerns can be directed to me at or 321-501-7606.

Shoot Straight!
Thomas Harrington
FTA President