03 JAN 2023


 I am borrowing this Greeting form a friend and I think it is a good one and would like to share it with everyone.

 Farewell to the Old

     Welcome the new

          Be healthy and Happy

                May all your dreams come true.

 Our Hall of Fame Shoot will be 3-5 February 2023 followed by our 2023 State Shoot 21-26 March. Both shoots will be conducted at the Silver Dollar Shooters Club and are available on PreSquad.com for your squadding convince.

 The HOF Program is posted on our web site for your viewing pleasure. We are in the final stages of preparation of the State Shoot Program. It will also be posted to our web site soon.

 Please visit the Silver Dollar web site for their schedule of Tournaments January thru March, most of which are listed on PreSquad.com.

 There are two approaching deadlines of note:

1. Submission of changes to our By-Laws are due to the FTA Secretary no later than 24 January 2023. We ask that should you submit a suggested change; you submit the by-law as is currently written, citing the page and paragraph number, followed the suggested change in the same format.

2. Nominations for Officers and Directors are due to the FTA Secretary no later than 7 March 2023. Please ensure those being nominated have agreed to having their name submitted.


 For those of you that do not subscribe to Trap and Field, you have been missing some Top Shelf reporting by our Delegate Mike Reynolds. I have spoken with Mike and will start sending his monthly T&F reports to you via our Constant Contact PORTAL.

Nice job Mike!

From the Delegate JANUARY 2nd, 2023
Florida Trap Shooting is beginning to be in full swing with most all of our northern guest returning. We are seeing a big increase in all club attendance and it is a welcome sight.
The Silver Dollar Shooters Club held there annual Club Championship December 9-11 and had a good turn out. Thursday December 8th the day before the Club Championship there was a 500 Doubles marathon. This is a quick way to get a lot of registered doubles targets in, in a hurry. A thank you goes out to Pat Larsen for making this happen!
Trophy Winners for the Club Championship were….
Lorri Bumsted Valois, Ray Lee, Jerry Bryant, Dave Dressler, Jack Schumpert, JT Spangler, Richard Mottola, William Juskhas, Michael Mincel, Michael Gooch, Stecen Ross Jr., Dennis Delorenzo, Linda Lavallee, Donald Keith, Jim Cummings, George Pappas, Mike Reynolds, Michael Cornelius, Sarah Jacobs, Mike Dehabey, Andy Kotsaftis, Jerry Dunford, Donald Hoffman, Mikhail Zeltser, Frank Karakostas, Karen Harrington, Mike, Dehabey, William Burleson, Ted Fortune, Steven Gilbertson, and HAA winner was Michael Gooch.
Imperial Polk had there monthly 100 shoot December 18 and the winners were..
Lewis LaRoche, Bob Delong, Ralph Fish tied with Ron Piro, Rodney Elliott, Steve Hill, Gary French, Ken Steveson, Jeff Wesrphal,
Wildcat Lewis LaRoche was the combined winner. A thank you goes to Judy Gilbert for a great lunch!
Imperial Polk’s next 100 shoot will be held January 1st and the lunch will be hosted by Dawn and Gary French. (Meatball Hoagies)
Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Complex held there 1st ever shoot December 10th I will report the results at a latter date.
Shout Outs and Congratulations
Congratulations goes to Pam Wade for running her first 25 straight….
Congratulations to Faith Ritchie for running her first 25 straight…(took less than 800 registered targets!)
Michael Elliot for earning a 1/2yd punch….
Congratulations to Greg Hohman for shooting and killing his 200,000th handicap target! At the time of this writing, Greg has a total of 577,575 registered targets!!!!
Results from the Fall Championship (No Article Last Month)
Florida Trapshooters Association’s Fall Championship was held this month after a weeks delay because of dang hurricanes. I am a native here (67years thanks for asking) and yet never get used to them. This really starts the shooting season for us in Florida. This is not to take away from all the club shoots during the summer months but a celebration of cooler weather and the annual migration of the our State bird “Snowbirds”
Below are the results:
The states represented were: Fl (81), LA (1), IL (5), MI (2), MN (1), MS (2), NJ (1), NY (2), OH (3), PA (1), VT (1), WI (1), Categories- JR (1), LDI (1), LDII (7), OPEN (40), SJ (1), SV (40), VT (15)
Florida Resident Winners
Winners EVENT-1 SINGLES-LDI-Lorri Bumsted (96), LDII-Karen Harrington (93), SV-Bill Dayton (98), V-Mike Reynolds (97), AA-Lewis Knack (96), A-Cole Nye (96) , B-Henry Gainer (95), C-Isidoro Lopez (93), D-Dalia Sippel (89)
Winners EVENT 2 HANDICAPS-Champion-Henry Gainer (90), RU-Adolfo Miliani (87), 3rd-Ed Medley (86), 4th-Richard Mottola (86), 5th-Thomas Herrington (85), LDII- Lorri Bumsted (89), LDI-Karen Harrinton (86), SV-Glenn Ehlers (88), V-Mike Reynolds (89)
Winners EVENT 3 DOUBLES-LDII-Lorri Bumsted (81), LDI-Karen Harrington (90), SV-Don Kerce (92), V-Lewis Knack (91), A-Patrick Larsen (85), B-Cole Nye (93), C-Greg Hohman (88), D-Adolfo Miliani (84)
Winners EVENT 4 SINGLES-Champion-Lewis Laroche (196), LDII-Lorri Bumsted (188), LDI-Karen Harrington (187), SV-Ray Lee (195), V-Lewis Knack (194), J-Jordan Brooks (182), SJ-Hunter Machovina (179), AA-Matthew Debord (194), A-Thomas Herrington (196). B-Lee Stetson (188), C-Adolfo Miliani (187), D-Doug Godme (184)
Winners EVENT 5 DOUBLES-Champion-Matthew Debord (96), LDII-Lorri Bumsted (80), LDI-Karen Harrington (88), SV-Glenn Ehlers (86), V-Lewis Knack (90), A-Jim Cummings (85), B-Chris Molina (92), C-Mike Reynolds (86), D-Billy Brooks (79)
Winners EVENT 6 HANDICAPS-Champion-Gary French (93), RU-Chris Molina (92), 3rd-Jim Cummings (88), 4th- Scot Lauderbach (85), 5th-Samial Specian (84), 6th-Orlando Padron (84), LDII-Alberta Brooks (90), LDII-Karen Harrington (86), SV-Billy Brooks (83), V (SPLIT) David Muzzy & Shane Platt (85)
Winners HAA-Champion-Chris Molina (371), AA-Matthew Debord (366), A-Jim Cummings (366), B-David Muzzy (354)m C-Adolfo Miliani (350), D-Charlene Muzzy (318)
Winners HOA-Champion-Karen Harrington (630), AA-Lewis Knack (628), A-Thomas Harrington (622), B-Mike Reynolds, C-Adolfo Miliani (611), D-Orlando Padron
Non Resident Winners
Winners-EVENT 1 SINGLES-LDII-Linda Lavallee (85), SV-Donald Hoffman (90), V-Mike Dennis (97), AA-Dave Dressler (95), A-Dave Spangler (97), B-Michael Beverin (94),
Winners-EVENT 2 HANDICAPS-Champion- Charles Graham (90), RU-Michael Beverin (86), 3rd-John Spangler (84), 4th-Donald Huffman (81), 5th-Donald Web (81), LDII-Linda Lavallee (80), SV-Ed Gehrig (83), V-Mike Dennis (83)
Winner-EVENT 3 DOUBLES-SV-Mike Dehabey (88), V-Mike Dennis (94), A-MArk Johnson (87), B-John Spangler (86), C-Donald Web (89), D-Donald Hoffman
Winner-EVENT 4 SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP-Champion-Donald Webb (194), SV-Edward Frisillo (191), V-Dave Dressler (194), AA-Mike Dennis (192), A-John Spangler (192), B-Michael Beverin (186)
Winners-EVENT 5 DOUBLES CHAMPIONSHIP-Champion-Mark Johnson (92), SV-Michael Mincel (78), V-Dave Dressler (90), AA-Mike Dennis (81), A-Joseph Needham (89), B-Donald Webb (86)
Winners-EVENT 6 HANDICAP CHAMPIONSHIP-Champion-Donald Webb (93), RU-Michael Beverin (88), 3rd Karl Hampel (77)
Winners-HAA-Champion-Donald Web (373), AA-Dave Dressler (284), A-Joseph Needham (277), B-Michael Bererin (274)
Winners-HOA-Champion-Donald Web (634), AA Mike Dennis (547), A-John Spangler (540), B-Michael Beverin (454)
Thank you to all who participated and a special thank you to Silver Dollar, the workers and the FTA! Good Job!
Florida Shoots for the Month
Chuluota-1/13, 1/27
Eustis-1/12, 1/19
Flagler-1/5,1/7, 1/12, 1/14, 1/19, 1/21, 1/26, 1/28
Gulf Coast-1/8
Hurlburt-1/7, 1/21
Imperial Polk-1/1, 1/15
Jacksonville-1/7, 1/21
Patlatka-1/4,1/11, 1/18, 1/25
Palm Beach-1/14
Robinson Ranch-1/1, 1/3, 1/5, 1/7, 1/8, 1/10, 1/12, 1/14, 1/15, 1/17, 1/19, 1/21, 1/22, 1/24, 1/26, 1/28, 1/29
Sarasota-1/6, 1/7, 1/13, 1/20, 1/27
Silver Dollar-Every Day
Skyway- Call (727-526-8993)
Tallahassee Rifle-1/1
Trail Glades-1/21
Volusia-1/6, 1/20
ATA Rule for the Month
1. The official score is the record kept by the referee/scorer on a sheet or electronic device furnished him/her by shoot management. The referee/ scorer’s decision on whether a target is dead or lost is final, subject to review only by the shoot committee or other governing body. The score sheet shall show the scores earned in the event or sub-event. The paper score sheet shall not be smaller than 8.5 inches by 14 inches (for four sub-event score sheets) in any tournament in which ATA trophies are provided. The larger format score sheet is recommended for all tournaments. During Handicap events the first sub-event of each score sheet shall be annotated with the yardage assignment of each contestant.
2. The referee/scorer shall keep an accurate record of each score of each contestant. If he/she rules “DEAD” or “LOST,” the referee/scorer shall promptly mark / or X for “DEAD” and 0 for “LOST” on the score sheet. Any target scored other than clearly with /, X or 0, or which appears to be scored, with both an X and 0, shall be “LOST”, unless the word “DEAD” is clearly printed beside it. The scores of the competition shall be official and govern all awards and records of the competition.
3. The referee/scorer shall distinctly announce, “Lost” when the target is missed and “No Target” when no target is thrown or a target is thrown broken. The referee/scorer shall call the result of all targets, or only the lost targets, as directed by shoot management.
4. When the referee/scorer calls “No Target” for any contestant, the next contestant shall not shoot until the first shooter has shot and the referee/ scorer has ruled “Dead” or “Lost.”
5. Should more targets be fired in a sub-event than the event calls for, then the excess targets of the sub-event will not be scored.
6. A shooter that misses the first post in any event may make up that post only and continue with the squad. Squad members should move off the line during the shoot up function
7. It is the duty of the referee/scorer to see that the shooters change posts at the proper time; however, any targets shot after failure to move at the proper time shall be scored.
8. Inadvertently skipped posts. A shooter is required to shoot the requisite number of targets from each post (5 or 10 as specified by shoot management). If a shooter inadvertently skips a post he/she or any member of the squad shall not be deemed to be out of turn but will be required to shoot the specified number of targets from the skipped post. All targets shot will be scored, but no more than the specified number per post will be scored, with the exception of #7 above. 27
9. A contestant that inadvertently shoots ONE post at the incorrect yardage shall be allowed to move to the correct yardage and reshoot only those targets scored “DEAD” on that post. Any targets shot at the incorrect yardage and scored “LOST” shall remain “LOST”. Reshooting the targets at the correct yardage must be completed before the shooter leaves the field on that sub-event. Targets shot at the incorrect yardage on more than one post in that sub-event shall be LOST. Shooters that shoot from the incorrect yardage in more than one sub-event shall have their entire event score disqualified (XII, B, 1, d).
10. To preserve the harmony of the competition, no member of a squad shall move toward the next post or leave the field until the squad member who is last has fired his/her final shot of the current post’s specified number of targets.
11. The official score sheet must be available for shooter inspection at all times.
12. It is an error if the referee/scorer fails to properly mark the results of any shot in the section of the score sheet where the results should be recorded. In such cases it is the duty of that contestant to have any error corrected before he/she has fired the first shot at the next post or in the case of his/her last post before leaving the trap. If the shooter fails to have the score corrected, the recorded score(s) shall remain unchanged and no valid protest will be entertained.
13. Every contestant in a squad shall be permitted to examine his/her score before the sheet is sent to the bulletin board or to the cashier’s office. The score sheet should be checked, confirmed, and initialed by the Squad Leader. The Squad Leader is encouraged to verify that any targets changed during a sub event are correctly noted as either dead or lost. After the completion of the last sub-event the score sheet will be handled as directed by shoot management.
14.Errors in the recorded details of the official score can only be corrected in strict accordance with the aforementioned Rules, but an error made in the totaling or compilation of targets shall be corrected whenever the error is discovered. Shoot management must correct scores recorded in error by field personnel as a result of misapplication of the Rules. 15. Any protest concerning a score or scores must be made before or immediately after the close of the competition to which such scores relate. A valid protest may only be made by a contestant who competed in the event.
I will try to keep all of you informed and entertained with what’s going on in Florida. I want to especially recognize shooters and clubs.
My email is- mike.gmhomes@gmail.com
Mike Reynolds
ATA Delegate
 Facebook page.
 Our former Secretary, Denise Reynolds, has set up a Facebook page under the FTA LOGO. You will have to request admission to the page and are required to answer and agree to some basic guidelines before you can post on the Page. Hopefully the page will be a place where members can share Club information, pictures of your local shoots and such.
Good Luck on all upcoming shooting challenges, Happy New Year.
Your Humble Servant,