31 OCT 2022

Hello Everyone

Just a reminder of our upcoming Fall Championship to be conducted 11-13 November 2022 at the Silver Dollar. Our busniess meeting will be held after shoot-offs Saturday afternoon in the SD Club house. The shoot program is posted on the FTA web site as well as SD web site.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Your humble servant, Jake.

October 28, 2022

From the Delegate

October is National Trap Shooting Month

We had two clubs participate in a National Trap Shooting Day,

Silver Dollar and Eustis Gun Club…Sunday October 2, 2022

The results for Silver Dollars National Trap Shooters Day was as follows:

Event-1 100 Singles:

Champion-Chris Molina-99,Class AAA- Jack Schumpert-96, Class A- Jim Cummings-98, Class B-Mike Cieslik-97,Class C-Patrick Larsen-96, Class D-Ric Atkinson Jr-96

Event 2 Handicaps:

Champion-Ric Atkinson Jr-94, Lady-Marsha Cieslik-80, Sr Veteran- Andy Kotsaftis-90, Veteran-Patrick Larsen-91, Group-1 Bob Delong (20.5yds) 88, Group-2 Mike Reynolds (22yds) 88, Group 3 Jim Cummings (25yds) 85, Group 4 Mike Cieslik (27yds) 92

Event 3 Doubles:

Champion-Mike Cieslik-90, Runner Up- Butch Romania-90

Mike and Butch tied and flipped a coin.

At the time of this writing I did not get the results yet from Eustis Gun Club.

BUT! Imperial Polk also had a shoot on October 2, 2022 and below is there results:

Singles Event:

Class A winner- Lewis LaRoche-92, Class B winner- Bob Delong-97, Class C winner-Ron Burdick-93, Class D winner- Bob Montgomery 92

Handicap Event:

(19 to 21 yds) winner- Bob Delong 90, (22 to 24 yds) winner Stevan Hill 90, (25 to 27 yds) winner Cole Nye 92…Cole was also the singles and handicap combine winner with a total of 188

Doubles Event:

Class A winner-Lewis LaRoche 82, Class B winner-Gary French 85, Class D winner-Bill Brooks 79

Event #4 Singles

Scores-Lewis LaRoche 99, Gary French 96, Stevan Hill 87, Rebel Kidd 85

Event #5 Singles

Scores-Lewis LaRoche 95, Stevan Hill 92, Bill Brooks 90.

I expect now that the weather is cooler and our northern friends will be back they will be a lot of shooting going on! Check FloridaTrap.com and Shootata.com for shoots in your area.

Florida Shoots for the Month

The new Shoot Cards are out so pick one up, find a Shoot and start on this years average.

Florida shoots for November are; (From ShootATA.com)

Silver Dollar-Every day can be registered targets.

Palatka- Nov-2, 9,16,23,30








Florida State Fall Championship-Nov-11 thru 13

Gulf Coast Clays-Nov-6

Imperial Polk-Nov-9,20


Palm Beach County Shooting Sports-Call for info (561-654-6242)

Robinson Ranch-Nov-5,12,19,26

Skyway-Call for info (727-501-4702)

Trail Glades-Nov-19

Great News!

We have a new gun club in south Florida.

Please welcome “Palm Beach County Shooting Complex” They will be hosting shoots on the second Saturday of every month. Please contact David Sticker (shippingdave@gmail.com) for more info.

I need to give a big shout out and thanx to Dax Demena the alternate Florida Delegate for helping David Sticker and the Palm Beach County folks for getting (6) fields ATA certified. That was a lot of work…great job!

 ATA Rule for the Month


1. In all ATA events contestants shall shoot in squads of five (5) except:

           a. When there are less than five (5) contestants available for the last squad of any program.

           b. When yardage differences in Handicap events make it impractical or unsafe.

c. When there are withdrawals from a squad after the competition has begun and   squads scheduled.

           d. When in the opinion of shoot management, the harmony of the shoot may be enhanced by squadding less than five (5) contestants.

2. In Handicap there shall be no more than two (2) yards difference between adjacent shooters in the squad, and no more than a total difference of three (3) yards in a squad.

3. It is illegal for more than five (5) shooters to be in a squad.

4. Practice (non-registered) shooters may not participate in registered events, nor shall anyone be allowed to shoot registered events on a non-registered basis. This Rule shall not apply during Registered League Shooting or Big 50 events.

5. For each squad, the shooter who has been assigned to start on post1 is designated the “Squad Leader”. If post 1 is empty, the role of the Squad Leader passes to the shooter assigned to start on post 2, and so on. The Squad Leader has the following duties:

           a. After all squad members are present at their assigned positions on the trap field, the Squad Leader should ascertain that all squad members are ready to begin the sub-event. After doing so, the Squad Leader only may ask that target(s) be thrown for the squad’s observation. For regular 16-yard Singles and Handicap sub-events, the Squad Leader may ask for one (1) target only. For regular Doubles sub-events,  the Squad Leader may ask for one (1) pair of Doubles. For Shoot-offs in 16-yard Singles and Handicap events, the Squad Leader may ask for two (2) targets. For   Shoot-offs in Doubles events, the Squad Leader may ask for two (2) pairs of Doubles.

           b. If the target(s) thrown for observation are broken, irregular, or illegal, the  Squad Leader may ask that another target (or pair of Doubles as applicable) be  thrown. The squad has the right to see a legal target (or legal pair of Doubles as applicable) before commencing the sub-event.

            c. The Squad Leader should check and initial the score sheet at the completion of   each sub-event.

           d. The Squad Leader shall have the responsibility to carry the score sheet, on which more than one (1) sub-event is recorded, from trap to trap until completion of the event.

6. During a sub-event, if there is a delay due to trap or gun malfunction, the contestant in turn may ask to see a target (or pair of Doubles as applicable) thrown before he/she resumes shooting.

7. Should a trap be throwing targets that, although not necessarily illegal, appreciably vary from trap to trap, any shooter may request at anytime that management check the trap even though prior squads have shot to see if it is adjusted to the legal flights and angles as per Section XIII, E. The final decision as to whether a trap is to be adjusted will be made only by shoot management.

8. During a sub-event, if a contestant is subjected to a single no target event, the contestant shall have the right to see a legal target (or legal pair of Doubles as applicable) and adjust the voice release mechanism (if present) before shooting resumes.



The Florida Trap Shooters Association is an organization that all Florida shooters are a part of. The organization in one form or another has been around for over a hundred years. Members please learn about the workings of the organization and your local gun clubs. Please read the by-laws (found at floridatrap.com/fta-by-laws) . Ask ex officers for a rundown on how the business works. You may be called upon to serve or have Ideas to better the FTA. Don’t be shy.

Mike Reynolds

ATA Delegate

Tallahassee Rifle and Pistol Club


Shooters – TRPC will hold its monthly ATA shoot Sunday, November 6.

We will be shooting our regular program – 100 singles, 100 handicap and 50 pair doubles. Also, program is on the ATA website.

Pumpkin Pies to all Singles Class Winners!!!

Note new fees – $19 per event, plus $6 daily fee. Target costs to the Club have gone up ~28%.

Middle 50 purse is over $400.

Start time is 9:00AM. Practice starts at 8:30. We will be serving lunch. Water and drinks will be available.

Gate code is 08727 – zero T R A P. Write it down it will not be posted.


ATA Memberships run September 1st through August 31st. You should have received a paper renewal form in the mail. You can return the paper renewal by mail, renew online at memberships@shootata.com, or call 618-449-2224 and renew with credit card, or renew at this shoot. Renewal is $20 per year, Life Memberships are $500. AIM Memberships are $25.

If you want to be removed from this list, email me.