05 SEP 2022

Happy Labor Day Everyone

It has been a busy time for Sarah and I from February until now. As most already know I had by-pass surgery on Valentines Day and shoulder surgery on 30 August. I am pleased to report all is going well with the shoulder. Five more weeks of having to wear a sling on the right arm but its nothing but time. I am optimistic that I can return to shooting by our Fall Championship Nov 11-13 at the Silver Dollar.

During the period February until now Sarah and I spent 47 days on a dream road trip. We shot the Singles Championship in Kentucky, Indianan, Wisconsin, and Iowa. We also had the opportunity to shoot several small Club shoots in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. The trip was topped off by our attendance at this years Grand. It was indeed a “bucket list ” trip.

A special THANK YOU goes out to Alberta Brooks for handling Club shoot reports and deposits while we were on the road. Sarah and Alberta were in almost daily contact. I can assure everyone there was no lapse in the conduct of FTA business. Actually I got a first hand view of the amount of business our Secretary conducts. It would surprise many as to the amount of information that is handled.

Planning is underway for the Fall, HOF and State Shoots. We will keep you posted.

ATTENTION Junior and Sub Junior Shooters:

There have been inquiries from youth shooters about competing for cash prizes and option monies. It is and has been, the FTA policy to provide “trophies only”, no cash awards, for Junior and Sub Junior Entrants. The FTA has a program where entry fees are paid for Florida Resident Junior and Sub Juniors. This program will not be offered should Junior, Sub Junior Category not be selected.

Any Junior and Sub Junior that wishes to compete for “Cash” awards must NOT classify as Junior or Sub Junior and compete in the Open (class) Category. Also be advised that once you classify, pay,and shoot an event, you CANNOT change your choice.

Your Humble Servant, Jake

From The Delegate

September is do over month!

Am I the only one that looks forward to September as “Do Over Month!” September is the beginning of the new target year and I always get visions of grandeur of becoming a “AAA”, “AAA” 27 yard shooter by the years end. Don’t we all? Of course we know that ain’t happening (for me anyway) . BUT! strangers things have happened. The point being is we all are starting with a clean slate. What choices are we going to make to reach our goals. What are we going to do to be better than we were the last year!

Florida Shoots for the Month

The new Shoot Cards are out so pick one up, find a Shoot and start on this years average.

Florida shoots for September are; (From the Shoot Card)

Flagler-Sept-1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24 and 29

Silver Dollar-Available every day for registered except Monday and Tuesday (closed)

Volusia-Sept-2, 16

Jacksonville-Sept-3, 17

Sarasota- Sept-3, 10, 17, 24

Hulburt-Sept-3, 17,

Tallahassee- Sept-4,

Palatka-Sept-7, 14, 21, 28

South Fla-Sept-10


Imperial Polk-Sept-18, (check with the Imperial Polk Gun Club. I’m thinking they have added some Big-50 Shoots)

Chuluota-Sept-23 (this is another one. I think they shoot twice a month so check)

ATA Rule for the Month

Section VII. D. Failure To Fire (regarding doubles)

2. DOUBLES FAILURE TO FIRE- A contestant shall be allowed 2 failures to fire for any reason (other than stated in Paragraph C.2.) during each doubles sub-event per the following:


If the failure is on the FIRST SHOT and the shooter DOES NOT SHOOT at the second target- nothing is established for either target, SHOOT THE PAIR OVER.

If the failure is on the FIRST SHOT and the shooter FIRES AT the second target- Second target is established as shot- SHOOT THE PAIR OVER TO ESTABLISH THE FIRST TARGET ONLY.

If the failure is on the SECOND TARGET- first target is established as shot- SHOOT THE PAIR OVER TO ESTABLISH THE SECOND TARGET ONLY (See exception in VII., E.,11., f)


If the failure to fire is on the FIRST SHOT and the SECOND TARGET IS SHOT- first target is LOST, second target is scored as shot.

If the failure is on the FIRST SHOT and the SECOND TARGET IS NOT SHOT-first target is LOST, pair is shot over to establish second target only.

If the failure is on the SECOND SHOT and the FIRST TARGET IS SHOT- first target is scored as shot, second target is LOST.

3. Machine gunning or doubling only occurs in doubles events…The referee / scorer shall rule this occurrence a “failure to fire”, the results of which shall NOT be scored. The contestant shall be required to shoot the pair again and results scored accordingly.


Please join me in welcoming MEXICO into the Amateur Trapshooting Association. Mexico is now a part of the Southwestern Zone.


The Florida Trap Shooters Association is an organization that all Florida shooters are a part of. The organization in one form or another has been around for over a hundred years. Members please learn about the workings of the organization and your local gun clubs. Please read the by-laws (found at floridatrap.com/fta-by-laws) . Ask ex officers for a rundown on how the business works. You may be called upon to serve or have Ideas to better the FTA. Don’t be shy.

Mike Reynolds

ATA Delegate