I would like to thank everyone for their understanding regarding FTA having to delay our Florida State Shoot until Oct 9-11th.  Our primary goal is to have everyone attend a fantastic shoot and go home Covid free. We would ask that everyone follow the state of Florida and CDC guidelines.

We are all looking forward to a fun shoot with a lot of money available to the winners!! Please set aside a little time Saturday night for our general meeting, our association works best when we have input from everyone, or at least their understanding of what is happening with the FTA and why we make the decisions we do.

We would like to clarify our target requirements. I’ve spoke to a lot of people both board members, zone directors, both our delegates, and most anyone willing to take my call. As you might imagine there were a lot of good ideas, but we have settled on this:

We have elected to use target year 2019 and 2020 (same years we would have used if the shoot was held in March 2020) to satisfy rule #4 as listed on page 11 of our current State Shoot program. Our program is posted on the FTA web site.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, please stop by and say hi,

Ted Fortune

FTA President



Hello shooters,

I hope you are as excited as I am for the upcoming 2020 Florida State Shoot! The program for it is available on the FTA website, as well as Silver Dollars. It is abbreviated, consisting of only one preliminary day and two championship days. Any All American points that are awarded for this shoot will count toward your 2021 target year if it is one of your top 7 shoots. Also, If they arrive in time, I will have copies of the updated rule book on hand at the State Shoot. In the mean time, the changes can be viewed on the ATA website.

In other news, Eustis Gun Club has been re-certified and is starting their ATA program back up. They plan to begin throwing registered targets in October. Bruce Formhals is their point of contact and can be contacted for more information at (352)396-3980.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to reach out to me at

Until then, shoot straight!

Thomas Harrington

ATA Delegate


In addition to the information in the Presidents letter, the Silver Dollar will be operating under the current mandated Covis guidelines. It is recommended that folks pre-squad for our State Shoot at  Classification and Cashiering will be as normal. Social distancing marks will be in use. Both FL State shoots, Oct 2020 and March 2021 will be counted in the 2021 target year.

Silver Dollar has their 2021 target year shoot dates on their web site. On their home page, click on Shoot Dates and then 2021 target year, pre-squad links are provided on the listed shoots.

As you know the 2020 Grand American was moved to Linn Creek Mo. IMHO, the ATA and Missouri Trap Association did an outstanding   job in conducting this years Grand. New this year, the ATA set up online classification and online payment of events and options, in addition to Lines were small and many good comments we made on how well the system performed. The system will be used again at next years Grand as well.

For FTA State Team members that have not received their 2020 target year hat and pin, please see FTA Secretary, Denise Reynolds, at the State Shoot. Also, the FTA now has a display wall in the Silver Dollar club house with pictures of team members. If your picture is not posted please see Denise. The FTA Fall shoot is scheduled for November 13-15 at the Silver Dollar.