From the FTA President:
Florida State Teams
Wall Plaques
The Silver Dollar has generously offered FTA wall space to display wall plaques which will have Pictures and name plates of the present year’s FTA’s state teams.  The plaques will remain permanently on the wall and will change pictures and name plates each year as the team members change.   The (4) wall plaques will measure approximately 24 X 20.   They will be displayed in the North West corner of the club house, above the glass display cabinet in the corner.   The plaques cost approximately $250 each or $1000 in total.
I was hoping not to have to pay for the plaques from our FTA bank account.   After talking to a few people, we have already received $350 in donations.  So, if anyone is interested in helping please see Dee Dee Reynolds, Ted Fortune or Guy Long.   We hope to have the Plaques by the Florida State Shoot in March.
Both the Silver Dollar and the FTA have added a substantial amount of prize money this year.  In addition, we’ll have (3) different cash prizes of $1000 each. Please check out the program, either on Silver Dollar’s website or the FTA’S website.
Looking forward to having one of the best FTA state shoots ever.
Ted Fortune
FTA President
General Info:
We have been going thru updates on the Web Site. It seems the updates have been requiring users to delete their Bookmarked location and re-bookmarking to see the latest updates.  Also, if all else fails, click on the refresh/reload button on the top left next to the left and right arrows may correct the problem.  An example of this is our State Shoot Program. The payouts for Resident and Non-Resident are currently the same. Please know work is being undertaken to correct as necessary.
Hall of Fame Scores have been posted to our site and a direct link to our Shoot Program added to the Home page. Hopefully it will enhance your viewing pleasure.
As a reminder, Florida State Shoot is 17 thru 22 March 2020. Hope to see you there. Jake, Sarah and the FTA BOD.