ARTICLE I. NAME: This Association shall be known as the Florida Trapshooters’ Association, Inc. (F.T.A.), a nonprofit Florida Corporation.

ARTICLE II.  PURPOSE OF THE F.T.A.: To promote and govern the sport of amateur trapshooting within the State of Florida in accordance with the rules and suggestions of the Amateur Trapshooting Association of America (A.T.A.). (8)

ARTICLE III.  ORDER OF BUSINESS: The order of business for the special meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors shall be at the discretion of the President.  The agenda for the annual meeting of the membership should be as follows:

  1. Seating of the members and call to order.
  2. Report of the Secretary and reading of the minutes.
  3. Report of the Treasurer.
  4. Report of the President.
  5. Report of the Delegate to the A.T.A.
  6. Report of the Committees.
  7. Annual Trapshooter Awards Presentation.
  8. Election of the Delegate and Alternate Delegate(s).
  9. Unfinished business.
  10. New business and amendments to the by-laws.
  11. Adjournment. (7) (8)


Section 1. Annual Meeting.  The annual meeting of the membership shall be held during the last three (3) days of the Florida State Trapshoot.  The time, date and place of the annual meeting will be determined by the F.T.A. Board of Directors and will be specified in the Official Program for this tournament. (8)

Section 2. Quorum.  Those members of the F.T.A., who are present at any annual or special meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of the F.T.A., regardless of the number, which shall be present, unless otherwise provided in the Charter of State Statute.  The action of the majority of the members present at any annual or special meeting of the F.T.A. shall constitute the action of the Corporation.

Section 3. Special Meetings.  Special meetings of the F.T.A. may be held at any time and place in the State of Florida and may be called by the President at any time and by the majority of the Board of Directors.  All members shall be notified in writing (30) days in advance of any special meeting.  The notice shall state the agenda for the meeting.  No business, other than the business stated in this notice will be conducted during this special meeting. (7)



Section 1. Gun Club Membership.  Florida Gun Clubs that have at least one (1) A.T.A. trap field open for registered A.T.A. shoots are eligible for F.T.A. membership.  Payment of the annual dues specified in Article VI, Section 1 is required and all F.T.A. Gun Clubs must hold at least three (3) registered A.T.A. shoots during each fiscal year to be in good standing.  F.T.A. Gun Clubs with one (1) A.T.A. trap field may elect a representative to serve on the Board of Directors. (8) (18)

 Section 2. Individual Membership.  Only legal Florida residents, who enter registered A.T.A. tournaments in the State of Florida annually will be recognized as active F.T.A. MEMBERS with all rights and privileges of membership.  F.T.A. members must be in full compliance with Florida Laws and A.T.A. Rules pertaining to residency!  No person may compete for Florida resident trophies, titles or added money during Florida State Trapshoots or F.T.A. sponsored tournaments, unless for the immediately preceding six (6) months they have been a bona fide resident of the State of Florida and a member in good standing with the F.T.A. (10)

  • Proof of Residency- F.T.A. Members must provide a paid up A.T.A. Average Card indicating that their principal domicile is within the State of Florida. Adult F.T.A. members must have their valid Florida Driver License or their valid Florida Voter Registration Card to prove residency prior to competing for the Florida resident awards during F.T.A. Sponsored Tournaments.  A Sub-junior or Junior must be certified as a Florida resident by a parent or legal guardian at F.T.A. sponsored tournaments. (10)
  • Rights and Privileges. A member in good standing shall have the right to vote, eligibility to hold office, a share in all assets and a share in all property rights of the F.T.A. All members shall have the privilege to speak or discuss any subject considered to be in order by the President during the annual or special meetings of the F.T.A. (8)
  • Honorary Membership. Honorary F.T.A. membership may be conferred upon any person, not already an F.T.A. member, by the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors and such membership may be terminated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.  Honorary F.T.A. members shall not have the power to vote.(19)
  •  Emeritus Members. Members who, due to physical infirmity or other mitigating circumstance, can no longer participate in registered shooting can remain members in good standing if they fulfill the following requirements:
    1. All Hall of Fame members become permanent F.T.A. members in good standing if they remain Florida residents.
    2. A.T.A. current members.
    3. Can prove a disability preventing participation in registered events. A Doctor’s letter is acceptable evidence.(21)

Section 3. Expulsion.  The Board of Directors, by a two-thirds majority vote, may expel any F.T.A. Gun Club or member and may impeach any Officer or Director from this Association with just cause such as; unsportsmanlike conduct or violation of the rules or By-laws established by the A.T.A. or the F.T.A. By-laws.  A meeting of the Board of Directors must be called upon written petition to the Secretary of the F.T.A. from any member of this Association.  A thirty (30) day advanced notice must be sent by registered Mail to advise the accused of the charge, date, time and location of the hearing by the Board.  During the hearing, the charge against the accused shall be read and any evidence supporting the charge will be presented.  The accused shall be allowed to respond to the charge and present any evidence in defense.  The Board will deliberate and cast a secret vote on this charge.  Failure to confirm a two-thirds majority vote shall be just cause to dismiss the charge and the F.T.A. Gun Club or person acquitted of the charge shall continue, as though the charge had not been made. (6)(8)(12)


Section 1. Gun Club Dues.  The annual dues for F.T.A. Gun Clubs shall be payable on or before the first day of May in the amount of twenty five dollars ($25.00) or as may be determined by the Board of Directors.  Only the F.-T.A. Gun Clubs in good standing will be authorized to hold registered A.T.A. shoots and maintain representation on the Board of Directors, who may prescribe just penalties for failure to pay dues or failure to comply with all A.T.A. and F.T.A. rules. (8)

Section 2. Individual Dues.  The individual members of this Association shall not be required to pay dues, however, the fees that are required by the A.T.A. and F.T.A. must be paid, when entering registered shoots. (8)



Section 1. Registration Fee.  A target registration fee of six dollars ($6.00) shall be collected daily at the time of entry into all A.T.A. registered shoots held by all F.T.A. Gun Clubs. Three dollars ($3.00) of this fee must be sent to the A.T.A. and three dollars ($3.00) must be sent to the Treasurer of the F.T.A. A target registration fee of two dollars and fifty cents $2.50 shall be collected daily for an ATA Big 50 shoot.  From which one dollar and fifty cents $1.50 shall be collected for the ATA daily fee and one dollar $1.00 for the F.T.A. daily fee.  Fifty cents ($.50) (twenty-five cents ($.25) for Big 50 shoot) of each daily fee must be put into a fund to promote the Florida Youth Shooting Program.  When the Youth Fund reaches $8,000.00, funding will be suspended. This money shall be used to pay Florida resident Junior and Sub-Junior entries into the Florida State Shoot, the Florida Spring and Fall Championships, the Florida Hall of Fame Shoot, and the Grand American Shoot when possible as well as other youth programs determined to be worthy by the F.T.A. Board of Directors.  To qualify for these funds the shooter must not participate in any options or special events. These funds will be disbursed at the recommendation of a committee consisting of the F.T.A. President, F.T.A. Vice President, F.T.A. Secretary/Treasurer, and Florida A.T.A. Delegate and approved by the F.T.A. Board of Directors and accounted for in full at the F.T.A. annual meeting. (6) (8) (15) (18)(19)(24)(25)

Section 2. Hall of Fame Fee.  The Hall of Fame Fee will be charged-to all shooters, who enter F.T.A. sponsored handicap championship events.  This fee will be fifty cents ($.50), or as may be determined by the F.T.A. Board of Directors and must be sent to the F.T.A. Secretary-Treasurer, who will collect the fees to purchase appropriate awards. (4)(6)(8)

Section 3. Financial Reports.  The F.T.A. Gun Clubs holding a registered shoot must forward a financial report with all fees collected to the Treasurer of the F.T.A. and to the A.T.A. All F.T.A. Gun Clubs must forward fees and reports within fifteen (15) days of the last day of a registered shoot.  Failure to comply shall result in a sixty (60) day suspension period that prohibits a Gun Club from holding registered shoots until fees are paid and required reports are on file with the F.T.A. (4)

Section 4. Fee and Date Record.  The Treasurer of the F.T.A. shall maintain a complete and separate record of registration fees delivered by each F.T.A. Gun Club.  The Treasurer shall maintain a complete and separate record of the registered shoot dates issued to each F.T.A. Gun Club.  The Treasurer will verify the records of all registered shoot dates issued with all fees collected from Gun Clubs.  In the absence of fees not delivered for corresponding registered shoot dates held, the Treasurer shall notify the Gun Club by Certified Mail (return receipt requested) to remit the fees and fines in absence.

Section 5. Fiscal Year Fee Record.  At the end of each fiscal year, the F.T.A. Treasurer will secure a record of all A.T.A. fees paid by F.T.A. Gun Clubs.  The Treasurer shall compare the F.T.A. records of fees received by the Association, with fees delivered to the A.T.A. In the event the records of the A.T.A. and the F.T.A. show certain fees not delivered to either the A.T.A. or the F.T.A., the appropriate F.T.A. Gun Club(s) will be notified by Certified Mail (return receipt requested) to deliver all fees and fines immediately.



Section 1. Number of Officers.  The Officers of the F.T.A. shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Secretary shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors. (8)

Section 2. Additional Officers.  The F.T.A. may have additional assistants or administrative officers, agents and factors, as may be deemed necessary by the Board of Directors or members, with such power, duties and term of office that may be required (the President ex-officio shall be the only standing additional officer) without the privilege of voting.

Section 3. Combined Office.  No person may hold more than one of the foregoing offices in the F.T.A., except that the office of the Secretary and Treasurer may be combined into one office and held by the same person.

Section 4. Manager.  The individual members, by a majority vote of those present at any annual meeting, may engage a paid Executive Manager for the F.T.A., provided however, that the powers, duties and actions of the Executive Manager shall always be under the control of and governed by the Board of Directors of the F.T.A.

Section 5. Vacancies.  All vacancies in the elective offices of the F.T.A. caused by death, resignation or removal, shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board of Directors held at the next regular or special meeting called for that purpose.  The Officer chosen to fill the vacancy must serve until a successor has been elected at the next annual meeting of the membership and duly qualified.  In the case of a Presidential vacancy, the Vice President will assume the President’s office and a new Vice President will be appointed.



Section 1. President.  As the Chief Executive Officer of this Association, the President shall; preside at all meetings of the F.T.A. and Board of Directors; call such meetings that are deemed necessary; appoint all standing and special committees (unless otherwise specified herein) and be the ex-officio member of all committees; sign contracts and other legal documents, as prepared by the Board of Directors and have general charge and supervision over all business and activities of the F.T.A. The President shall:

  • Countersign with the Secretary, for the approval of all A.T.A. registered shoot dates issued to F.T.A. Gun Clubs by the Board of Directors, who must authorize registered shoots held in the State of Florida.
  • Register by signature with the Bank, where the F.T.A.’s funds are deposited to allow authorization for the withdrawal of funds on deposit in the name of this Association. These funds shall not be withdrawn from the Bank without specific direction and authorization of the Board of Directors.
  • Perform all other duties of the office of President and have the right to vote.

Section 2. Vice President.  The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President, when the President is absent and shall assist the President, exercise such powers and perform all other duties, as may be prescribed by the President from time to time and have the right to vote.

Section 3. Secretary-Treasurer.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors, who may authorize fair compensation for secretarial services rendered to this corporation.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall not vote during any meeting of the Board of Directors and must be bonded for ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or as may be determined by the Board of Directors, who shall authorize the annual premium for such bond to be paid from corporation funds. The Secretary-Treasurer will perform legal transactions, keep the books, prepare, mail and file correspondence, have custody of and affix the official seal, receive corporation funds, make bank deposits, disburse funds that are authorized by the Board of Directors, prepare a Treasurer’s Report for each annual meeting, procure the annual All-Florida Team Awards and perform the traditional duties of both, Secretary and Treasurer for this corporation, which includes the F.T.A. Hall of Fame account and any other tasks that may be delegated by the President or by the Board of Directors from time to time.

Section 4. Delegation of Power and Duties.  In case of the absence or inability of an Officer of the F.T.A. to act or of any person herein authorized to act in his place, the Board of Directors may, from time to time, delegate the powers or the duties of the officer to any other Officer or Director, who may be selected to exercise the power or duties during the absence.  The power and duties of the Board of Directors shall be as set forth in Article XI, Section 7 of the By-laws.



Section 1. Salary.  The Secretary shall be the only person, who may receive compensation for services.  The salary will be fixed from time to time by the Board of Directors. (8)

Section 2. Expenses.  Normal expenses of the Secretary that are made in behalf of the F.T.A. shall be approved by the Board of Directors.  Expenses incurred by any other Officer, Director or committee member in behalf of the F.T.A. must have prior approval by the Board of Directors.  Expenses incurred by the Secretary and authorized by the Board of Directors shall not be considered as salary. (1)(8)



Section 1. Board of Directors Membership.  The F.T.A. Board of Directors will be composed of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary-Treasurer, the Zone Directors and Representatives of all qualified F.T.A. Gun Clubs. (8)

Section 2. Gun Club Representatives.  F.T.A. Gun Clubs with one (1) A.T.A. trap field, shall elect one (1) Primary and one (1) Alternate Representative to serve on the F.T.A. Board of Directors.  They will serve from the beginning of the fiscal year until the end of the fiscal year. The Alternate may serve in the absence of the Primary allowing only one (1) vote for their respective Gun Club, which must be in good standing with the F.T.A. throughout the year or they will lose their vote on the Board of Directors until reinstated. Gun Club Representatives must be an F.T.A. member in good standing per Article V. (8) (18)(23)

Section 3. Zone Directors.  The State of Florida shall be divided into four (4) F.T.A. Zones. The boundaries for F.T.A. Zones are established by the Counties listed in Appendix No. 1, which shall be used to identify zone residents, who will elect two (2) Zone Directors from each zone during the Florida State Trapshoot. Zone Directors must be a resident of their Zone and members in good standing as per Article V.  The Zone Directors will serve on the F.T.A. Board of Directors and shall have vote and voice as representatives of the shooters from their zone. No Board of Directors member may accumulate more than two votes on the board by concurrently holding an Officer’s, Zone Director’s, or Gun Club Representative position for more than one club. (8) (19) (23)

Section 4. Notice of Directors.  F.T.A. Gun Clubs must send a notice to the F.T.A. Secretary that will provide the name and address of their elected representatives prior to the first day of May annually.  The Secretary of the F.T.A. will compile and maintain a list of names and the address for each member of the Board of Directors, which must include all F.T.A. Officers, Zone Directors and Gun Club Representatives. (8)

Section 5. Proxy Denial.  Proxies shall not be admitted into any meeting of the Board of Directors.  Only certified members shall be recognized to vote on the Board of Directors. (8)

Section 6. Vacancies.  Upon resignation, loss or removal of a Gun Club Representative, the Gun Club may designate in writing, a replacement Representative to serve on the Board of Directors.  Replacements for vacancies in the case of F.T.A. Officers or Zone Directors will be provided in accordance with Article VIII, Section 5. (8)

Section 7. Powers.  Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be called, as specified by the F.T.A. By-laws.  The Board shall formulate the rules and regulations to govern trapshooting, as required for the State of Florida.  The management of affairs, finances, property, interests, contracts for F.T.A. sponsored tournaments and business of the F.T.A. shall be vested in and controlled by the Board of Directors, who may create and appoint such committees that may be necessary.  Board meetings shall not be held outside the State of Florida. (1)

  • The Board shall conduct and manage all F.T.A. sponsored tournaments, as set forth in a contract with a Gun Club awarded the F.T.A. sponsored tournament. (6)
  • The Board is authorized to conduct investigations or hearings relative to a complaint against any F.T.A. Gun Club or F.T.A. shooter, who in the opinion of the Board, may be guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct or violating F.T.A. By-laws, which are not in the best interest of the F.T.A. Furthermore all complaints must be submitted to an Officer or Board member in written form compliant and in conformity with the ATA Rule Book, Section XII, C, 4. Within 14 days of receipt of the complaint the ATA delegate or Alternate will be assigned to investigate the complaint. Written notice shall also be given to the alleged F.T.A. violator by certified return receipt mail within this same 14 day period. The alleged F.T.A. violator will be allowed 14 days to respond.  The Investigator has 28 days after the violator’s response or lack thereof to compile the evidence gathered and transmit it to the board. The board will have 14 days to review the evidence to determine if a special board meeting is merited. If a decision is made to hold a special meeting of the board and alleged F.T.A. violator will be given 30 days notice under the rules in ARTICLE V, Section 3. If the Board has determined by a two-thirds majority an infraction has occurred the Board is authorized to impose punishment on the offending F.T.A. Gun Club or F.T.A. member.  Said punishment (other than expulsion) will be decided on by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors present.(19)
  • The Board of Directors and F.T.A. members may provide instructions to the Florida Delegate, who shall represent this Association at the annual meeting of the A.T.A. When specific instructions are not provided, the Florida Delegate will ensure that all decisions made on the Board of Directors of the A.T.A. are made in the best interest of the Florida trapshooters. When the Florida Delegate is unable to attend the meetings held at the Grand American and Southern Zone Tournaments, the Alternate Delegate must represent the F.T.A. at these meetings.  The order of succession for the Florida Delegate is obvious and must be used, whenever necessary. (8)
  • The Delegate(s) to the A.T.A. shall attend all meetings of the F.T.A. Board of Directors as advisors, who must ensure that the Board maintains compliance with the A.T.A. rules, the F.T.A. By-laws and “Robert’s Rules of Order”. The Delegate(s) will not vote, but must make a “point of order” any time that the Board is in violation of the rules, which must be obeyed at all times and when challenged, proper action to comply with the rules shall be taken by the Board of Directors. (8)

Section 8. Board Meetings.  The Board of Directors will hold a regular meeting during the Spring and Fall Championship tournaments.  Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called upon the written request of five (5) members of the Board or by the President.  The specific purpose for this meeting must be stated in a notice. (2)(4)(6)(12)(21)

Section 9. Notice.  The President or Secretary (as instructed by the President) shall provide Board members with a written notice indicating the time, place and agenda for Board meetings fifteen (15) days prior to each meeting.  The notice shall be mailed to the address listing on file with the Secretary or it may be delivered personally. (6)(12)

Section 10.  Quorum for Directors.  The presence of  majority of the active members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum at duly qualified Board meetings. An “active member” will be defined as any eligible club representative of the Board of Directors who is present for existing meeting. Any club that has not had representation at the previous two (2) quarterly Board of Directors meetings consecutively, said club will be considered invalid for voting rights until the Club Director or Alternate attends a Board of Directors meeting and re-institute his/her voting rights.  Unless specifically provided elsewhere in these By-laws, the act of the majority of the active Directors present will be the act of the Board. (17)

Section 11.  Director Eligibility.  At any and all duly called Board of Directors meetings, the Secretary of the F.T.A. shall call the rolls of those Directors properly certified under Article XI, Section 4. Only the Officers duly elected and Directors properly certified, will be recognized and empowered to vote on the Board of Directors.

Section 12.  Vote by Mail.  When it is impractical to hold a meeting of the Board, the President shall have the power to submit resolutions or questions to the Board for a vote by Certified Mail.  The majority of the votes received within ten (10) days of notification shall constitute the act, provided a majority of the Board members vote on the resolution.



Section 1. Fund Amount.  The F.T.A. shall establish a Buffer Fund in the minimum amount of $5,000.00 with the intent and purpose of providing financial security against unforeseen expenditures and economic recession.  The Treasurer will establish and maintain a savings account in the bank titled: “Florida Trapshooters Association, Inc.  Buffer Fund’.

Section 2. Withdrawal.  Withdrawing funds from the Buffer Fund will be by vote of the membership so decided at the annual meeting.  Buffer Funds will not be withdrawn to be used for added monies, trophies, etc.  In the event the General Treasury is depleted, the F.T.A., by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, may temporarily borrow these funds to conduct F.T.A. business during the year.  All funds borrowed will be replaced from income on or before the conclusion of the fiscal year.

Section 3. Interest.  The Buffer Fund shall be maintained in a bank savings account drawing the highest interest rate at all times. (2)



Section 1. Qualifications for Election.  F.T.A. Officers, Zone Directors and ATA Delegates must be legal residents of the State of Florida and members in good standing with this association.  ATA Delegates must be qualified in accordance ATA Rules, Section 1, paragraph C. State Organizations and ATA Elections.  The qualifications for the Hall of Fame Committee Members are provided in the “Florida Trapshooters Hall of Fame By-laws”.  Only those members, who are responsible and dedicated individuals should be considered for office in this Association. (8)(21)(24)

Section 2. Nomination of Candidates.  The A.T.A. Delegates shall be nominated from the floor and elected at the annual meeting of the membership held during the Florida State Trapshoot.  The nomination of the A.T.A. Delegates should be given the utmost consideration, since these Delegates constitute the Board of Directors of the A.T.A. and are responsible for overseeing the operation of the A.T.A. The nomination for the election of the President, Vice President, Zone Directors and Hall of Fame Committee Member shall be made by F.T.A. members and must be submitted to the F.T.A. Secretary no less than two weeks prior to the first day of the Florida State Shoot.  Nominations will not be accepted after the two week deadline. (8) (13)

Section 3. Election Process.  The President will appoint the Election Committee and Supervisor, who shall be responsible for the elections held during the Florida State Trapshoot.  The “F.T.A. Official Election Ballot” (Appendix No. 2) will be used by F.T.A. Members only to cast their votes during the election.  Voting by proxy or by absentee ballot shall not be allowed.  All ballots shall be assigned serial numbers and must be absolutely controlled by the Election Committee to prevent the duplication of any vote.  Committee members must use the A.T.A. Average Card to identify and register F.T.A. Members after they are certified as Florida residents by the classification officials.  A locked ballot box will be used to secure ballots until the election is closed by the President.  The Election Committee will count the votes to determine which candidate has the majority of the votes.  In the event of a tie vote, a run off election must be held to determine the person with the majority of the votes, who shall be declared the winner without dispute. (8)

Section 4. Election Records.  The Election Supervisor and the Secretary shall post the election results in the clubhouse.  The official records of these results shall be maintained on file by the Secretary.  The ballots shall not be destroyed until it is known that all elected officials are certified by the President and seated in their respective positions on the first day of May following the elections.  The election ballots shall be sealed by the Election Supervisor and the Secretary, who shall retain these ballots until disposal action has been directed by the President. (8)


ARTICLE XIV.  STANDING COMMITTEES: At the Spring meeting of the Board of Directors, the President will appoint the members for all standing committees and request volunteers to fill positions that may be open.  The Secretary shall maintain a list of all members, who are appointed to each committee and will provide a copy of this list to all F.T.A. Gun Clubs for information.  The following standing committees shall be appointed: (12)(24)

Section 1. Program Committee.  This committee will consist of at least four (4) members and a Chairman.  This committee will assist Gun Clubs in writing and arranging their programs.  The Gun Clubs in the Chain of Shoots may voluntarily present their programs to this committee for review and assistance.  They will prepare the Official Program for the Florida State Trapshoot and retain at least two (2) members, who served on the Program Committee during the previous year.

Section 2. Classification Committee.  This committee shall consist of the Alternate Delegate(s) and Zone Directors.  The A.T.A. Delegate will be the Chairman, who will coordinate and manage the classification of shooters during the Florida State Trapshoot and all F.T.A. sponsored tournaments.  All committee members attending these shoots must assist the A.T.A. Delegate and vote on all decisions pertaining to an appeal made by the individual shooters.  The Official A.T.A. Rules and the Official Program for each shoot shall be used in making decisions that pertain to membership, residency, classification, known ability, target requirements, handicapping, penalty yardage or classes and special categories, which must be determined prior to entry into registered A.T.A. tournaments.  The ruling of these F.T.A. Officials shall be final. (7)(8)

Section 3. Historian.  A Historian will be appointed to keep the official record books for this Association.  Records shall be kept of all Florida State Champions, Runners-up, Class and Yardage Group Champions, Special Category Champions, High Overall and High All Around Champions.  The records will include the election of all Officers, Zone Directors and Delegates with their term of office.  The dates and location of the Florida State Trapshoot must be part of the record with any noteworthy news clippings for the scrapbook.  The names of all committee members and general information may also be part of the record.

Section 4. Contract Committee.  This committee will be composed of all F.T.A. Officers.  The representatives of the Gun Club in contention for a F.T.A. sponsored tournament will be encouraged to participate in the preparation of the contract, which shall be managed by this committee.  If a contract is rejected by the qualified Gun Club, then the same contract will be offered to the next qualified Gun Club in rotation for the tournament. if the contract is rejected by all the Gun Clubs, then it must be revised and offered again through the same process until it is accepted by a qualified F.T.A. Gun Club. (2)(8)

Section 5. Audit Committee.  The President will appoint three (3) qualified members who must be approved by the Board of Directors to audit the books of the Corporation.  This committee will furnish an audit report with a financial statement, profit and loss statement and recommend any changes that could improve the financial position of the F.T.A. This audit report must be presented at the Spring meeting of the Board of Directors. (12)

Section 6. By-laws Committee.  This committee will be composed of at least two (2) members and a Chairman, who will review all amendments to the F.T.A. By-laws.  The F.T.A. Secretary will present the proposed amendments to the membership during the annual meeting.  This committee will coordinate all reviews and revisions of the By-laws, which must include the incorporation of amendments that are accepted by the F.T.A. Members. (8)



Section 1. Applications.  All F.T.A. Gun Clubs must submit an application to the Secretary for dates to hold A.T.A. registered shoots.  The joint decision of the President and Secretary shall be required to award shoot dates.  (8) (14)

Section 2. First Violation.  If a Gun Club violates the rules governing the holding of registered shoots, the Gun Club in violation will be suspended from the F.T.A. for sixty (60) days.  The Secretary and President shall not issue registered shooting dates and the representatives of the Gun Club shall not be allowed to vote on the Board during the period of suspension.

Section 3. Second Violation.  If a Gun Club incurs a second violation of the rules governing the holding of registered shoots, the Gun Club in violation will be suspended for six (6) months and will forfeit all privileges to hold registered shoots and vote on the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors shall not be privileged to reinstate any Gun Club in violation before the conclusion of the penalty period.

Section 4 . Injunction to Halt.  The President or any three (3) members of the Board of Directors may, through legal counsel, petition the courts to obtain an injunction to halt any A.T.A. registered shoot being held by a Gun Club in violation of the rules of this Corporation.



Section 1. Spring, Fall, State and HOF Shoots.   The Spring, Fall, State and HOF Shoots may be hosted by any qualifying club per Article XVI F.T.A. Sponsored Tournaments, Section 2. No F.T.A. club will be disqualified from holding a tournament without just cause. Hosting of F.T.A. shoots may be petitioned by any qualifying club.  Host Club for each shoot will be determined by a Board of Directors vote at the Spring meeting each year.  No club my hold more than three of these shoots unless no other qualifying club applies as a host site.  (7)(21)(24)

Section 2. Club Qualifications.  The Florida State Trapshoot will be conducted with not less than eight (8) A.T.A. trap fields plus one (1) additional trap field for practice shooting.  At least one (1) A.T.A. trap field must be illuminated for use during the hours of darkness.  The number of A.T.A. trap fields to be used for the Spring and Fall Championships shall be determined by the Board of Directors and specified in the contract with the club hosting the tournament.  Trap machines shall be in compliance with the existing A.T.A. Rules and safety shall be a paramount consideration for all shooters, trappers and pullers. (8)(21)

Section 3. Tournament Management.  The duration of the Florida State Trapshoot and all other F.T.A. sponsored tournaments shall be determined by the Board of Directors.  Conditions relating to a F.T.A. sponsored tournament will be discussed and agreed upon during a meeting of the Board of Directors.  All agreements and conditions shall be recorded in the minutes of each meeting.  A contract must be developed and reviewed for all F.T.A. sponsored tournaments, which must be accepted by the host club.  Special committees should be used to achieve the many tasks associated with F.T.A. sponsored tournaments and assist the host club with effective shoot management. (8)

Section 4. Insurance Policy.  All Gun Clubs that host F.T.A. sponsored tournaments shall add the F.T.A. (as an additional insured) to their existing insurance policy for the entire period of their F.T.A. sponsored tournament.  The amount of coverage will be specified by the Board of Directors, who shall authorize the Secretary to pay for the additional insurance.  A copy of the policy and invoice for the cost of such additional insurance must be sent to the F.T.A. Secretary at least thirty (30) days prior to the tournament. (4)(8)

Section 5. Tournament Committees.  F.T.A. tournament committees will assist shoot management at the host clubs during all F.T.A. sponsored tournaments.  The F.T.A. President will serve as the Tournament Director and will appoint volunteers to serve on the following tournament committees: (10)

  • Classification Committee.
  • Program and Publicity Committee
  • Trophy and Scoreboard Committee.
  • Safety and Line Referee Committee.
  • Target Setting and Shoot off Committee.



Section 1. Team Composition.  In the interest of honoring the highest A.T.A. all-around averages in the State of Florida, six (6) All-Florida First Teams are established for the 1st through 5th highest qualified residents of the state of Florida per team.  To further honor A.T.A. all-around averages, a second team is established to consist of the 6th through 10th highest qualified residents in six (6) All-Florida Second teams. (13)


SINGLES                   HANDICAP              DOUBLES

Women’s Team                                      1,500                              1,000                        750

Men’s Team                                            1,500                             1,000                        750

Veteran’s Team                                      1,500                             1,000                        500

Senior Veteran’s Team                         1,500                             1,000                        500

Junior’s Team                                          800                               400                         400

Sub-junior’s Team                                   800                              400                         400

Section 2. Qualifications.  The “Trap and Field Official A.T.A. Average Book” shall be used to determine the total number of targets registered and the averages attained by each candidate to qualify for these awards.  Candidates must have proof that they are residents of the “Sunshine State” and Florida must have been their principal domicile during the entire previous A.T.A. Target Year to be eligible for these prestigious titles.  Florida shooters to be considered eligible for a Florida State Team must enter scores for all 400 of the championship targets in at least one of the four Championship Shoots listed below:

            (1)  FTA Fall Championship

            (2)  FTA Spring Championship

            (3)  FTA Hall of Fame Championship(22) 

            (4)  FTA Florida State Shoot (12)(20)(21)

Section 3. Individual Awards.  The F.T.A. President, the Vice President and the Secretary-Treasurer shall have the duty to select qualified F.T.A. members for each team. Certificates and reasonable awards for these honors shall be presented to each individual All-Florida team member attending the ceremony held during the annual Florida State Trapshoot. (12)

Section 4. Southern Zone Team Races.  The Florida Delegate will enter five (5) top Florida shooters in the “Challenge Team Race” and “State Team Race” at the A.T.A. Southern Zone Tournament.  The Florida shooters attending this tournament with the highest averages attained during the six (6) month period that precedes this tournament will be entered.  It shall be the responsibility of the shooters to request entry through the Delegate. (8)


ARTICLE XVIII.  (24) deleted


ARTICLE XIX.  SHOOTING RULES: The trapshooting rules adopted by the A.T.A. shall govern all trapshooting contests held by the F.T.A. All F.T.A. members and Gun Clubs shall abide by the rules adopted by the A.T.A. and policies decreed by the F.T.A. Board of Directors. (6)


ARTICLE XX. SEAL: The F.T.A. Board of Directors shall adopt and provide a suitable Corporation Seal, which shall be kept by the Secretary and must be used as authorized or directed by the Board of Directors. (6)


ARTICLE XXI.  FISCAL YEAR: The F.T.A. fiscal year will begin on the first day of May and end on the last day of April in the year that follows. (6)



Section 1. Mailing Notices.  Whenever the provisions of these by-laws require notice to be given to any Director, Officer or member of the F.T.A., such provisions shall not be construed to mean personal notice and may be given in writing by posting the notice by mail, which must be sent to the individuals last known address on file with the A.T.A. The notice shall be deemed effective by the post mark on the envelop or package and unless otherwise specified in the F.T.A. By-laws, ten (10) days notice prior to any event or meeting shall be considered sufficient.

Section 2. Waiver.  A waiver of any written notice signed by a member, Director or officer, whether before or after the time stated in the waiver for holding a meeting, shall be deemed to be equivalent to a notice required to be given by or to any such member, Director or Officer provided, however, that a quorum must be present at any such meeting that notice is waived in order to conduct the business covered by the waiver or notice.


ARTICLE XXIII.  DISSOLUTION: The F.T.A. shall not be dissolved by the membership without at least thirty (30) days written notice to all members in good standing.  The notice must include the time and place for the meeting, which must be held to obtain a vote of the members.  If passed by two-thirds of the members entitled to vote to dissolve the F.T.A., the trustees of the F.T.A. with its assets and property, will proceed to conclude the affairs of the F.T.A. and follow the procedure prescribed by the Statutes of the State of Florida to dissolve the F.T.A. for profit.  F.T.A. members may specify the means to liquidate all assets during this meeting. (6)



Section 1. Processing Amendments.  The F.T.A. By-laws may be amended by members submitting written changes to the Secretary, who will mail a copy of each change to the members of the By-laws Committee for review.  This committee will ensure that changes do not conflict with existing F.T.A. By-laws or A.T.A. rules and will develop proposed amendments, which must be sent to the Secretary.  Copies of all proposed amendments will be provided to all members of the Board of Directors and to all F.T.A. Gun Clubs for dissemination. (8)

Section 2. Deadline.  Changes to the by-laws must be submitted to the F.T.A. Secretary at least sixty (60) days prior to the annual or special meeting to allow sufficient time for the review and processing of proposed amendments.  Failure to meet this deadline will delay the review and processing time until the following year, unless a special meeting is called. (8)

Section 3. Passing Amendments.  Copies of proposed amendments shall be available for F.T.A. members to review and use during the annual meeting or special meeting of the membership.  All proposed amendments will be presented to the members by the F.T.A. Secretary.  F.T.A. members may ask questions and make comments prior to voting on each proposed amendment.  No other changes may be made!  A two-thirds majority vote of the members present shall be required to pass amendments to the F.T.A. By-laws. (8)

Section 4. By-laws Revision.  The Chairman of the By-laws Committee will incorporate all amendments passed by the members into a revised edition of the F.T.A. By-laws annually.  The “Revision Record” (Appendix No. 4) shall record all amendments passed by the membership.  A master copy of the revised F.T.A. By-laws will be sent to the Secretary for certification and then mailed to all members of the Board of Directors, all F.T.A. Gun Clubs, members of the By-laws Committee and to any member, who may request a copy.  This new revision shall supersede and rescind all previous editions of the F.T.A. By-laws. (8)


ARTICLE XXV.  PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE: The rules of Robert’s Rules of Order, insofar as they may not be inconsistent with the law or Charter and By-laws, shall be followed at all meetings of the F.T.A. (6)


ARTICLE XXVI.  LAW SUIT: Unless passed by a majority vote of the members present during the annual or special meeting of the membership, F.T.A. Officials do not have the authority to file a petition in the name of this Corporation to sue any person, Corporation or Association.  The membership must be assured by legal counsel that any future law suit is absolutely necessary and just prior to proceeding in an attempt to prevail in a court of law. (8)



Section 1 – Scholarship: To be funded from the FTA Youth Shooting Fund only if adequate funds are available in the opinion of the F.T.A. Board of Directors to cover the expenses of the programs primary function, the participation of the FTA Juniors and Sub Juniors in ATA registered trap shooting (19)

 Award Criteria: $2,000.00 awarded as a one time grant to an eligible candidate. No more than one candidate can be awarded per target year. The grant is to be paid by reimbursement for accredited college, university, vocational or technical school expenses.

Eligibility: Florida residents who have registered targets as a Junior or Sub Junior within the state of Florida for at least 3 years; however they need not be consecutive and are less than 2 years from qualifying as a Junior at the time of application.  There are no target minimums however a candidate’s participation in shooting registered targets will weigh heavy on their selection.

Application:  Proof of eligibility as above as well as official letter of acceptance from the institution that the candidate will attend must be sent to the FTA President. The FTA President will verify, by means of the resources available, if the application is valid. Upon verification, the applicant’s information will be presented to the FTA Board of Directors for approval.

Funding: Funding will be paid upon submittal of expense receipts and proof of completion of the semester. Submission will be made to the FTA Secretary/Treasurer by the approved applicant. If the expenses do not total $2,000.00, the applicant may submit for the remaining funds after the completion of following semesters. Once the first reimbursement is made, any remaining funds available must be submitted for as above within one year. Applicant must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade average or equivalent.

Purpose:  To form a program for the Florida Youth Shooter’s to help defer some of the cost of a higher education. The scholarship would be funded from the fifty cents (.50) daily fees that are already being collected at time of registration for a Florida registered shoot. (16)



Any ATA changes put into effect by the ATA will not need to be passed by the FTA Board of Directors but simply added to the FTA By-Laws. (18)


Appendix 1






  1. Escambia                             Suwannee                       Volusia                       Manatee
  2. Santa Rosa                          Columbia                         Lake                           Hardee
  3. Okaloosa                              Baker                               Sumter                      Highlands
  4. Walton                                 Union                               Citrus                        Okeechobee
  5. Holmes                                Gilchrist                           Hernando                 St. Lucie
  6. Washington                         Levy                                  Orange                      Sarasota
  7. Bay                                       Bradford                           Seminole                  De Soto
  8. Jackson                               Nassau                               Pasco                        Martin
  9. Calhoun                               Duval                                 Polk                          Glades
  10. Gulf                                      St. Johns                            Osceola                   Charlotte
  11. Liberty                                 Clay                                    Brevard                    Lee
  12. Franklin                               Alachua                             Indian River            Hendry
  13. Gadsden                              Flagler                               Hillsborough            Palm Beach
  14. Leon                                     Putnam                              Pinellas                    Collier
  15. Wakulla                               Marion                                                                 Dade
  16. Jefferson                                                                                                           Broward
  17. Taylor                                                                                                                Monroe
  18. Madison
  19. Hamilton
  20. Lafayette
  21. Dixie


Appendix 2





























                                                  ELECTION SUPERVISOR



_____________________            ____________________          _________________

(F.T.A. MEMBERS NAME)                     (COUNTY)              (BALLOT NUMBER)

NOTICE:      Please print the names of the candidates that you wish to vote for in the spaces provided.  Use a pen to make your vote permanent.  After selecting your candidates, take this entire ballot to the Election Supervisor, who will remove the bottom part of the ballot and annotate the Voters Register to indicate that you have cast your ballot, which will be kept in the locked ballot box until the elections are closed by the President.  The Election Committee will count all votes to determine the results of the election, which shall be posted on the Bulletin Board prior to the last day of the shoot.
Appendix 3 Deleted (24)



Appendix 4





(1)                    March             28             1980                1 through 4.

(2)                    March             25             1983                1 through 7.

(3)                    April                13             1984                1.

(4)                    March             27             1987                1 through 9.

(5)                    August            31             1991                 1.

(6)                    April                03             1992               1 through 28.

(7)                    April                16             1993                1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,12.

(8)                    April                08             1994               1 through 34.

(9)                    April                07             1995               17.

(10)                  March             29             1996               1,2,3,6.

(11)                  March             28             1997                6.

(12)                  March             28             1998               2,4,7.

(13)                  March             22              2003              1,3

(14)                  August                              2003               Ruling from ATA (No protected                                                                                             dates)

(15)                  April                  2              2005              1       

(16)                  March              26             2010               Added amendment XXVII

(17)                  March              26             2011                Amended Article XI Section 10.

(18)                  March              24             2012                2, 3

(19)                   March              23             2013                2 through 7

(20)                   March              29            2014                 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (21)                   March             28              2015                 2,3,4 and 7

(22)                   March              19              2016                1

(23)                    March             25              2017                1 and 2

(24)                   March             24              2018                2, 3, 4, and 6

(25)                   March              23              2019               1


I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that I am the duly appointed and acting Secretary-Treasurer of the Florida Trapshooters Association, Incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida and organized under the Official Rules and By-laws of the Amateur Trapshooting Association of America.

I further certify that the foregoing articles constitute the existing F.T.A. By-laws with amendments that supersede and rescind all previous by-laws for this corporation.  The amended articles were adopted by a vote of two-thirds of the members attending a legal meeting held on 23, March 2019.



__________________________                                           _____________________

Scarlett Ehlers                                                                                  Date                                                               FTA Secretary-Treasurer