Hello Shooters,
As the newly elected Florida Delegate to the ATA, I would like to take a minute to introduce myself to those whom I might have missed at the 2019 Florida State Shoot. My name is Thomas Harrington and I have been a member of the ATA since the year 2000. My shooting career began several years prior to that at my hometown club with my father. I didn’t know it at the time, but I met my future wife while traveling the Florida Chain Shoot circuit. I am passionate about our sport because it is a family affair for us, and we hope to see it prosper for decades to come.

My professional background includes designing, building, and testing space-based hardware and electronic assemblies for some of our nation’s largest communications companies, as well as our government. I am currently furthering my education in the field of Software Engineering so I can keep pace with the non-stop evolution of technology.
I’d like to close by thanking the shooters of the FTA for giving me the opportunity to represent Florida to the ATA. I’d also like to thank everyone who helped campaign along the way, especially Lewis LaRoche who got the campaign off to a great start by providing campaign cards to help spread the word! I very much look forward to getting to work! If anyone has any problems or concerns associated with the ATA, please feel free to reach out.
Thomas Harrington
Florida ATA Delegate


We’d like to thank everyone who attended the Florida Stat Shoot, the attendance was slightly ahead of last year. Great weather and very little wind!!

We plan on making many improvements next year, including the Silver Dollar increasing the added money they contribute, and we’ll be talking at our Spring Shoot meeting about ways the FTA can help as well. We’re hoping to both improve the trophy’s and increase the prize money.
Unfortunately one of the best kept secrets is we give out money equally to both residence and non-residence, remembering approximately 2/3 of the shooters at the state shoot are non-residence. We will do a better job breaking down that information in the program next year.

We would all like to congratulate our new delegate, Tommy Harrington and the new (1st) alternate delegate Jake Jacobs. We would also like to thank Larry Grenevicki for the many years as our past Florida Delegate. I would also like to thank Joe Loitz for continuing to do the Programs and a great job on the ‘trophy’s. And last but certainly not least is Scarlett Ehlers for the fantastic job she has done for the past…..(7) years as our secretary/treasurer she will be missed.

HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE AT THE SPRING SHOOT MAY 3-5 AND please remember there will be a board meeting right after the shoot offs Sat. night. I will be nominating Denise Reynolds for the new Secretary/treasurer.


Ted Fortune
FTA President



We held our Annual meeting Saturday night of our State Shoot. The proposed amendment to the By Laws in reference to the Youth Fund passed. As soon as we receive the updated copy we will post to the web site. Election for Delegate was held between Larry Grenevicki and Tommy Harrington. Tommy won with a 63 to 57 vote. 1st alternate was between Jake Jacobs and Jerry Schwab with a vote of 75 to 41 in favor of Jake Jacobs. Ralph Bennett ran unopposed and remains 2d alternate.

Scores for all of the Major shoots conducted at the Silver Dollar can be viewed at

A superior demonstration of shooting skills were displayed by Jack Schumpert and Matt Trammell in the Singles Championship. Both shot a score of 199 and then went another 11 rounds in the shoot off with Trammell finally securing the Championship. Congrats to both shooters on great shooting.

We are in the process of updating and revamping our Web Site. If anyone has pictures they would like to see on the site please send them to us, in addition, clubs that would like announcements posted to the web site or in the newsletter please let us know.
Our next shoot is the Spring Championship 3- 5 May 2019 hosted by the Silver Dollar. The program can be viewed at 2019-SPRING-CHAMPS2.