Presidents Comments:

I’d like to thank everyone for attending the Southern Grand, at the Silver Dollar. I hope a good time was had by all!

FTA can only be truly successful with the participation of its member’s. Please make every effort to attend our Sat. night meeting including our elections for ATA Delegates.

I’d like to thank Scarlett Ehlers for her many efforts to insure all the responsibilities of the FTA Sec.Treasurer’s job was fulfilled, most of us have no idea as to how many hours Scarlett contributed to FTA’S success, and the many times she was willing to help me fulfill my responsibilities as your new President of the FTA.

I’d like to also thank Sarah and Jake Jacobs for all the work they put in to update our FTA website, great job!

And last but certainly not least all the contributions Joe Loitz has offered and continues to offer to make FTA a success.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Florida State Shoot starting on Tues. the 19th at 9:00 AM

For those of you I have not personally met please stop by and say hi!


Ted R. Fortune

FTA President



A reminder that in order to you members must present a copy of their up to date paper average card to the Elections Supervisor to receive a FTA Ballot. We will have a printer set up to assist those who were unable to obtain a copy.

The FTA Annual meeting will be convened on Friday, March 22, 2019 after shoot-offs for the Nomination of ATA Delegate and Alternates. The Annual Meeting will then be recessed and votes can be cast on Saturday, March 23 2019 until the meeting is reconvened after shoot-offs.

As no nominations were made for FTA President and Vice President, Ted Fortune will again serve as President, and Guy Long Vice President.

As most are aware the Jacobson Shoot and Southern Grand are complete. Scores can be viewed at http://www.rjstuart.com/pages/trophies.htm.

Our Web site has undergone remodeling and work is underway to update information. Please take a look and let us know what you like.


Proposed By Law Changes:

Change is in bold print.

Section 1. Registration Fee. A target registration fee of five dollars ($6.00) shall be collected daily at the time of entry into all A.T.A. registered shoots held by all F.T.A. Gun Clubs. Three dollars ($3.00) of this fee must be sent to the A.T.A. and two dollars ($3.00) must be sent to the Treasurer of the F.T.A. A target registration fee of two dollars and fifty cents $2.50 shall be collected daily for an ATA Big 50 shoot. From which one dollar and fifty cents $1.50 shall be collected for the ATA daily fee and one dollar $1.00 for the F.T.A. daily fee. Fifty cents ($.50) (twenty-five cents ($.25) for Big 50 shoot) of each daily fee must be put into a fund to promote the Florida Youth Shooting Program. When the Youth Fund reaches $8,000, funding will be suspended. This money shall be used to pay Florida resident Junior and Sub-Junior entries into the Florida State Shoot, the Florida Spring and Fall Championships, the Florida Hall of Fame Shoot, and the Grand American Shoot when possible as well as other youth programs determined to be worthy by the F.T.A. Board of Directors. To qualify for these funds the shooter must not participate in any options or special events. These funds will be disbursed at the recommendation of a committee consisting of the F.T.A. President, F.T.A. Vice President, F.T.A. Secretary/Treasurer, and Florida A.T.A. Delegate and approved by the F.T.A. Board of Directors and accounted for in full at the F.T.A. annual meeting. (6) (8) (15) (18)(19)


In addition, any funds above $8,000 currently in the Youth Fund account are to be transferred to the Main Account.