Ah, The Grand! Shopping, eating, catching up with friends, oh, and shooting too!
By my non-official count 17 trophies were won by Florida shooters during the event.
We had mostly decent weather with one day of bad rain, forcing some shoot offs and one event into the next day, and some days were steamy in the afternoon, but there seemed to be a breeze most of the time, making it a little more tolerable.
Our picnic was held on Tuesday evening, the same day as the bad rain. It was held in the sporting clays pavilion and we had about 32+ folks attend. Several people helped Ted Fortune make the event a success (the steamed corn was a big hit), special thanks to Jake Jacobs for bring his grills and cooler and for BBQing the hamburgers and hot dogs. We also had several members bring dishes to pass.
Going to the Grand is a commitment, but do it once and you’ll want to go back.
Happy Shooting!
Guy Long
Vice President FTA
Just a reminder, effective 1 Sep 2018 FTA daily fee increase to $3.00. Also effective 1 Sep 2018, all shooters on the 18 yard line will be punched to the 19 yard line. Those shooters should receive notification from the ATA office. There will be no further reductions to the 18.
If anyone knows of a hosting site where we can store photographs and link to them, please let me know. We would like to create a photo gallery for viewing from our web site. Our site does not have enough storage to accommodate a gallery.
For the 2019 Southern Zone shoot, Cost Rifle&Pistol Club, Biloxi Ms,has been added as a host club. The other sites are Silver Dollar, Berea Ky and Bostic NC.
The Dixie Grand is 2-7 October 2018 in Bostic NC. Our FTA Fall Championship is scheduled for Nov 8-11 2018 at the Silver Dollar. Jake