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Greetings Everyone
First up is a BIG thank you to out going FTA President, Joe Loitz for his untiring work to the tournament and FTA in general. Joe is the one responsible for our Program and Trophy package. Thank you Joe.
Elections: There was only one nomination for President, Ted Fortune, welcome, Mr. President, and one nomination for Vice President, Guy Long, welcome Mr. Vice President.   Our thanks also go out to FTA Secretary, Scarlett Elihers, for her untiring work as Election Chairperson.
There were two nominations for Delegate, Larry Grenevicki, our sitting Delegate, and Tommy Harrington. On election night, Larry G. emerged the winner by a vote of 69 to 65. Congratulations to Larry G.  There were two nominations for 1st Alternate Delegate, Matt Trammel and Jerry Schwab. Matt T. was the winner by a 84 to 48 vote. Congratulations to Matt T.  There was but one nomination for 2d Alternate Delegate, Ralph Bennett. Congratulations Ralph B.
This years nominations for the FTA Hall of Fame. They are, Edna Mollohan and Ray Lee.  Congratulations to both.
By clicking on the link , 2018 STATE SHOOT RESULTS, you will be taken to  R.J. where you can view the State Shoot scores and other information. There are two links on the bottom of the winners page that list the demographics and attendance by state. They both provide interesting information.
Challenge team Winners: Ladies team; Mallory Stanton, Diane Foster, Karen Dickman, Sarah Jacobs and Teresa Bellerive. Yes guys, the Ladies whipped you Again! Good job Ladies.
Gun Club Team Winners: Markham Park team; Alberto Lopez, Angel Estevez, Alex Riera, Dax Demena and Steve Norris.
Husband and Wife Winners: Jake and Sarah Jacobs
We also want to thank the Silver Dollar for hosting our STATE SHOOT.